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A guide to Invisalign®, A potential alternative to braces for misaligned teeth, bite correction

Orthodontists like our own Dr. Edgar Mendieta are specialists in diagnosing and treating conditions that involve the spacing, alignment, and movement of the teeth and jaws. Dr. Mendieta and our team have the right combination of knowledge, experience, and technologies to properly resolve gapped, crooked, and crowded teeth, as well as misaligned jaws or problems with “bite.” 

Due to such considerable and highly-focused expertise, patients of Global Smiles Orthodontics in Columbus, Ohio, have peace of mind. Invisalign®, traditional braces, and a range of other options are available to address malocclusion or imbalances in the position of the teeth, jaws, and the other structures and tissues that make up this complex oral “system.” Furthermore, we have many treatment options that are not available at other practices in the metro and much farther afield. You know that our recommendations are in the best interests of your (or your child’s) long-term health and well-being. 

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A world of treatment options 

All treatment plans start with a thorough evaluation by our orthodontist. Dr. Mendieta will assess both the presence and severity of your condition. Depending on what he finds, you may be a candidate for options such as braces. This orthodontic appliance is “fixed” or secured to the teeth. Only your orthodontist can adjust or remove these braces. The brackets, wires, and bands that make up the braces work together to place consistent, precise force on the teeth. When adjusted by just the right amount at just the right time by Dr. Mendieta, your teeth are gradually repositioned. Adjustments occur periodically throughout treatment, and we advise how to eat and clean your teeth while wearing braces. 

Invisalign® is characterized as an alternative to “conventional” braces. It does not use “fixed” brackets, wires, and bands. Instead, Invisalign® uses a series of oral appliances called “aligners.” These aligners also place consistent force on the teeth to incrementally realign them. You may remove the aligners for ease of eating and brushing. It is essential to follow any instructions provided by your orthodontist because failure to comply with these directions can delay treatment progress. Notably, only remove the aligner during meals and when brushing and flossing. 

Additionally, it is essential to wear each aligner in the correct order. 

Remember: A series of aligners are necessary to complete treatment. The total number of aligners and, in turn, the total treatment time depends on what we are correcting and the extent of the correction that is required. Generally, each aligner set is worn for around one to two weeks. 

Invisalign® can be appealing because the aligners are made from a flexible, smooth, and transparent thermoplastic. Since the material is see-through, Invisalign® is considered a discreet treatment option. It should be noted today’s braces can be made with tooth-colored ceramic brackets and wires. So, they may also blend in seamlessly with the rest of the smile. 

Invisalign® may be appropriate for patients with minor or severe crowding or “bite” problems (underbite, overbite). We will not know for sure what of the many available treatments at Global Smiles Orthodontics is best for you until after a consultation is scheduled. Call our Columbus, OH office at (614) 230-0374. Or, request an appointment at the button on this website.

Dr. Edgar Mendieta

Dr. Edgar Mendieta

Dr. Edgar Mendieta, is a highly regarded orthodontist in Columbus, OH, currently holding the esteemed position of President at the Cleveland Society of Orthodontists. His academic journey began with earning his bachelor’s degree at UCLA, followed by comprehensive dental training at the University of the Pacific in San Francisco. Dr. Mendieta gained experience practicing general dentistry before pursuing specialization in orthodontics through a distinguished program at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Known for his passion for travel, he connects effortlessly with patients of all ages and backgrounds and is trusted for upholding the highest standards of patient care.